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Kwang-Chool JEON
Patent Attorney / Partner


Mr. JOHN practices all facets of intellectual law and matters relating to trademark/design/copyright including litigation and licensing. In addition, he is familiar with neighboring legal affairs and works in various field of activity. he has joined tihs law firm in 2009.


  • Admitted to Korean Patent Bar (1997)

  • Kookmin University (Department of Chinese Literature. B.S. 1986)

  • Kyunghee University (completed the coursework in International Judicial Affairs) (2008)


  • Reporter in Pyunghwa Broadcasting (1988~1992)

  • Partner in SeShin Patent Law Firm (2002~2008)

  • Joined Zenith Patent & Law Firm as a partner (2009)

  • Wrote a weekly column on intellectual property affairs to the magazine "Maekyung Economy" (2010)

  • Serves on a auditor Korean Copyright Law Society (2002~)

  • a member of Design policy Advisory Board in KIPO (2010)

  • chairman of the Publicity and Editing commitee of the offcial organ

  • "Patent & Trademark" in Korean Patent Attorney Association (2010)

Article and Works

  • "Change of Japanese Design Act" (2000)

  • "study On Disclaimer and Descriptive Mark for Higher-Quality Examination" (2009)

  • "Six lectures on the Design Protection Act" (2010)

  • "Practice for Copyright Act" (1998)

  • "Patent Act for High mark" (1988)

  • "Research on Interested Party in Trial Claimant, especially relating to company representative director" (2007). etc

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